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Interview: Lemay On Creating ‘Accidents On Purpose’

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us! How long have you been making music for?

Hey, anytime guys! I’ve been producing for about 5 years now, but the Lemay project is about a year old.

How do you feel your sound and influences have changed along the way, and are they constantly evolving?

My “sound” is constantly changing. I think it’s influenced a lot by the things I’m going through in life, so I don’t think it’ll ever stay the same. I used to make different styles of music but now I’m trying to stay more on path – with a brand and image and such.

What would you say your style is all about?

My style is what I would call “normal,” haha. Musically, I try to step outside the box as much as I can. I really enjoy being different, and if you knew me as a person you know that’s not very hard for me, haha.

Which tunes are you particularly feeling right now?

I’m a big Boombox Cartel guy for harder EDM-ish stuff, but other than that I’ve been really into this dude Galimatias. Some super chill stuff to just listen to driving around town.

What did you enjoy about making your new EP? What was the original theme behind it?

The theme behind ‘Accidents On Purpose’ was a thought I had when I was thinking about the way I write music. I never really know what I want a song to sound like before it’s done, so I pretty much force myself to accidentally make mistakes to come up with these weird lead sounds and what not. I think the thing I enjoyed the most was probably working with the QGR team. Everyone there is super easy to get along with.



You worked with UZ on ‘Octane,’ was that a highlight?

Absolutely. I’ve been a fan of UZ’s for a long time now so that was pretty surreal to be able to work with a legend like him.

What have been the most fun parts of the year so far for you?

For me its been the traveling and playing shows. This whole music thing has gotten me to a point in my life where I’m meeting people I never thought I’d meet and turning my biggest inspirations into my friends – so that’s pretty insane to me.

If you could give a producer just starting out one piece advice, what would it be?

Do things the wrong way. If you do something you’re told you’re not supposed to do, you’re inherently going to make something new. So just mess around and don’t get too frustrated. After all, you’re just making music 🙂

What do you most want to achieve this year, and why?

My biggest goal for 2018 is to tour as the direct support act on a US tour. I feel like it’s an achievable bigger goal that I’m ready for in my career.


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