Dada Life – ‘Higher Than The Sun‘ – Dada Life, the acclaimed Swedish headlining DJ duo of Olof Cornéer and Stefan Engblom known for their extravagant live experiences, renowned music in the dance community and production plug-ins used by everyone and their granny in the EDM landscape, have returned with the release of their latest single, ‘Higher Than The Sun.’



The duo’s new full-length album Our Nation is slated for a May 4th release and will mark Dada Life‘s first LP release since 2012’s The Rules of Dada. The 11-track album has something to offer fans on the full-dance music spectrum; from hard-edged bangers like the album lead off ‘Our Nation,’ to softer, slightly orchestral accented album closer ‘Falling Backwards In Time‘ or the latest single, the uplifting and good-vibed electro-house ‘Higher Than The Sun,’ which was mixedby Daft Punk collaborator Mick Guzauski.



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