Chuurch – ‘Erase The Pain‘ – Within a musical generation defined by duplicability, the redeeming qualities of musicians have boiled down to attitude, intent, and artistic self-confidence. Chuurch embody these characteristics without exaggeration; there is foresight in the actions they take, and tenacity in the music they produce. Patient and calculated, Chuurch have been preparing for siege, and their upcoming EP on SkrillexNEST label, Uunion, is the pointing of the first arrow.



The second single off the EP, ‘Erase The Pain‘ featuring Vegas rappers Blak Trash, takes the project in a forward-thinking, divisive direction. Their West Coast Golden Era-meets-acid house sound absolutely blisters through in ‘Erase The Pain,’ planting you holistically within the world they are creating. If ‘One Mind‘ was an army approaching, ‘Erase The Pain‘ is the first battle cry.

Erase The Pain‘ is available now across all streaming platforms. The full Uunion EP is coming out this Friday (3/30) on NEST.



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