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1001tracklists 1001trackstats launch
1001tracklists 1001trackstats launch

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1001Tracklists Launches “1001Trackstats”

1001Tracklists – “1001Trackstats” – Today is an exciting day as we launch 1001Trackstats, a new data analytics platform available directly to artists and labels to monitor the global performance of their tracks and provide them an easy way of using data to drive important career decisions.



1001Trackstats aims to become the leading data aggregator for electronic music, setting a new standard for the presentation and social media shareability of key statistics reflecting the success of a release across a host of valuable data sources.


Stats 1


The platform contains four primary sets of tools:

Activity Feed: providing chronological updates and real-time notifications for all data sources
Analytics Page: showing detailed insight and cross-platform performance of each track Customizable
Reports: compiling data in appealing PDFs that can be shared and scheduled Social
Integration: allowing fast and easy sharing of new accomplishments


Presenting data this way allows for easy monitoring and reporting capabilities that enable 1001Trackstats to become the one-stop-shop for visualising an artist’s current positioning and creating valuable promo material to highlight accomplishments across all platforms.

1001Trackstats offers real-time insights into key metrics for all of an artist’s or label’s releases, allowing them to quickly discover data points such as DJ Support, Spotify Playlisting, SoundCloud Reposts and Beatport Chart Positioning.


Stat 2


1001Trackstats Core Data Sources:

1001Tracklists: Collecting Artist Support Data from the leading DJ Tracklist Database
Spotify: Compiling Playlisting Data for more than 1.4 Million Playlists
SoundCloud: Gathering advanced Play, Like and Repost Data
Beatport: Showing Historic Overall & Genre Chart Positioning Data


Analyzing this data allows for new discovery and prevents oversight of important indicators that can amplify the momentum of a current release, while also opening new strategic pathways in the planning and promotion of future releases. As the indexes of performance continue to grow, we will work hard to incorporate even more data sources to always draw the most complete picture of a track.

All relevant industry professionals are invited to try the platform entirely for free for the first month. Afterwards our subscription plans are €10/month for artists and €15/month for labels with availability of yearly subscriptions at a reduced rate of €100/€150 respectively. The account access is shareable between an artist’s or label’s entire team, so only one subscription is needed for full team access.


Roadmap of upcoming features:
• Reports for all existing data sources (Spotify, SoundCloud & Beatport) [Q2 2018]
• Apple Music Playlist Integration [Q2 2018]
• Mobile App with fully customisable push notifications [Q3 2018]
• Global Radio Airplay Monitoring [Q3 2018]
• More Data Sources (YouTube, iTunes, Shazam & Blog Coverage) [TBD]


Get Started today at!


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