Slander & SAYMYNAME – ‘I Can’t Escape‘ – Dive inside the world of decadent addiction with SLANDER and SAYMYNAME‘s newest single ‘I Can’t Escape‘ on Insomniac Records. Featuring the impassioned, breathy vocals of Feli Ferraro, the track tells the tale of a tortured mind through the juxtaposition of soothing, emotive piano melodies with stabbing basslines and serrating synths that jar to the bone.



I Can’t Escape‘ opens with Ferraro‘s voice over orchestral melodies as she builds tension with lyrics like “In my head I know it’s too late, I’m locked in and I can’t escape” before SLANDER and SAYMYNAME unleash their signature aggressive, assaulting drop that is guaranteed to please even the most discerning of bassheads.

I Can’t Escape‘ is a prime example of SLANDER‘s mastery of turning emotions into turbulent, cathartic music that always commands the crowd.



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