Shaun Bate – ‘Solid Gold‘ – South Germany born, Shaun Bate is a DJ and producer ten years in the making and since his fruition, he has been solidly rising, achieving a myriad of accolades. Having gained multiple top 10 rankings in several charts with tracks like ‘Lolita Jolie‘ and ‘Jolie Garcon,’ in addition to garnering the support from artists like Timbaland, Akon and Shaggy amongst others along the way, his friendly and humorous character matched with an innovative musical style have definitely served him well.


Now, he offers his latest record in the form of tasty future-house / pop hybrid ‘Solid Gold.’ Consisting of a danceable beat, silky vocals and a unique sound, you just have to hear it to appreciate it! Check it out and follow Shaun Bate below via his socials, linked below!



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