PSYRUS – ‘Hitcher‘ Official Music Video – Comprised of four members, PSYRUS has been in the works since 2016. Made up of founding singer and MC Andrew K, drummer Tony Checkmar, Keyboard and MIDI-controllers performer Dmitry Windom R and guitarist Sergey Toom, these guys fill a much needed void in the EDM soundscapes as a hybrid band blending their rock sounds with electronic music.



With inspiration from artists like Pendulum, Korn and The Prodigy amongst others, they have been consistently presenting their unique sound to the world since their beginning. As though their latest single and hit ‘Hitcher‘ couldn’t have proven this description well already, they have now offered an intense, comical and entertaining official music video to tag along.

Satirically parading world leaders and cultures, this video offers exciting visuals, while toying with the idea of landing on another planet and having the power to control the already ridiculous United States president, Donald Trump. Venturing past some of the story, the guys eventually return to the party on stage with a great dancing crowd. The video finally concludes with the protagonist discovering that what we are living, is a life of chess played by higher beings.



Filled with intense bass, powerful drums, great synths and a mesmerizing Andrew K vocal topline amongst the myriad sound that is ‘Hitcher,’ it now has a colorfully intriguing music video to get lost in this adventure of PSYRUS. Check out the official music video and show some love and support by following these guys, via their socials linked below!


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