2018 may have just started, but who said the beginning of the year needs to be a quiet one? Well it seems the Drunken Masters never got the memo as they step forward to deliver the first outright banger of a brand new 365 days.

Titled ‘On My Own’ and featuring the vocal talents of singer/songwriter Mothica, the track effortlessly blends big, brash lead riffs and wicked synth manipulation with filtered chords and soaring vocals – this juxtaposition of sounds and styles gives ‘On My Own’ layered depth.

One minute it’s soft and mellow, the next it’s punching hard before breaking back down into soft and mellow again. Out for release on the Drunken Masters own label, Crispy Crust Records, it’s sure to help kick off your year in the best of ways.

This is out now and can be bought and downloaded from here.


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