Cut Snake – ‘Dr. Um’ / ‘Party Tutorial’ EP – Insomniac Records brings the acclaimed Australian duo Cut Snake, into the fold with their groovy new EP featuring, ‘Dr. Um‘ and ‘Party Tutorial.’ Childhood friends turned dance music producers, Fish and Sedz grew up surfing professionally on the Gold Coast. While touring the world taking on surf competitions and beachfront bungalows, they found their passion for the underground music scene everywhere they visited.



Following a string of successful shows, label deals, and festival appearances, Cut Snake has cemented themselves at America’s favorite pair of party starters. Insomniac Records presents their latest funky fresh EP with, ‘Dr. Um‘ and ‘Party Tutorial,’ here.

Having previously released hits like, ‘Boom Boom,’ on Warner Brothers and the remix of Kevin Anderson and Ghostea‘s track, ‘Kablam!‘ on Desert Hearts, the duo is back with twice the energy to close the year on a high note. ‘Dr. Um‘ is chock full of heavy vocals commanding the dance floor, followed by the aptly named, ‘Party Tutorial,’ an ambitious yet melodic track that will have you up until the sun rises.



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