Alienation & T-Wayne – ‘Hot Box‘ – We’re getting them feels for Alienation and T-Wayne‘s new scorcher of a release. These guys got together to create Trapcity release, ‘Hot Box‘ the killer single that is sure to keep the temperature rising.



As their debut collaboration, it’s obvious that these three are the perfect musical match. T-Wayne is an American rapper hailing from Houston, Texas. Previous successes include his US Billboard Hot 100 chart topper ‘Nasty Freestyle,’ that came in at a solid 9. In Hot Box, T-Wayne‘s recognizable twang rides high over Alienation‘s shameless trap style beats.

The Alienation duo, who also derive from Houston, are otherwise known as Cam Taylor and Noizfreq. Their EDM Hip Hop combinations are already attracting some serious attention after exploding onto the scene only late last year. Discovered by T-Wayne himself, these guys have a trademark blend of ground shaking bass, heavy brass and melodic grooves. All of which are boasted in their new release, ‘Hot Box.’ Together with Trapcity, this track is a fearless piece that sets Alienation onto a pretty solid path of musical success.



Alienation have expertly created an exhilarating track with elements of unmistakeable force from T-Wayne‘s serious rapping abilities in the invading ‘Hot Box.’ Damn, from our first taste, we can’t wait to see where this ride takes us.


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