Sander van Doorn: Purple Haze – SPECTRVM – Sander van Doorn proudly presents his debut album as Purple Haze, the darkly-tinged side project that he has brought back to the fore this year to great acclaim.

The genesis of Purple Haze actually stretches back some nine years, when Sander created a new moniker for “darker, more euphoric tracks,” such as Adrenaline and Eden. The project was resurrected by chance when Sander created a track last year that just naturally felt like a Purple Haze production. With encouragement from his wife, who clearly has excellent A&R sensibilities—he set about creating more tracks in that vein, and it soon became clear that there was a bigger picture to be brought to life. The phenomenal audio-visual live show came next and was soon massively in-demand, providing a springboard for what would become this album.



“I think Purple Haze needs to exist next to Sander van Doorn” he says, explaining the need for this creative yin and yang. “I need both. They make each other bigger.” This record is the sound of a producer falling in love with his roots and his creative process all over again. Long may this symbiotic relationship continue if this is what we can expect from it!


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