The fantastic Mohombi joins us for a chat this week, not long after the release of his highly successful new single ‘Radio.’ With a global fanbase, Mohombi fills us in on what he has going on right now, and how he came to write this awesome track.

Do you remember what first got you into making music? How do you feel your sound and influences have changed along the way?

When I was a kid at ten years old, my brother and I started a band and we got hooked. As I grew up, my music grew with me. People change, influences changes, but music remains music. Right now I am in the heart of Africa (D.R. Congo) researching, experimenting and striving to always do better.

What would you say your style encompasses?

I am North and South, I stand where black and white meet. I am an Afro-Viking making feel-good music in a sick world.

Which artists do you particularly dig right now? 

Everyone whose music makes me sad, happy or makes me fall in love.

What did you enjoy about making ‘Radio’? Where did the inspiration first come from?

The fact that it was my first project with Ultra. The inspiration came from my mother. I wanted her to hear me sing for her on the radio.

Which of your tunes gets requested the most when you’re DJing? 

It really depends on where I am in the world.

Most memorable show or festival of 2017? 

That’s a hard one….30,000 screams in Romania maybe? Or winning the award for best African artist in New York.

Do you have any more originals or remixes on the horizon right now?

I create new music everyday. It’s like food for me.

How was your summer as an artist? What else are you looking forward to in the coming months?

I took some time off this summer as I was organising my move to Congo. But now that the family is settled.  I am ready to get back on the road. I kick off the #AfroViking Tour in Helsinkion November 3rd.

One Love!



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