Cosmic Nomad – “Possessed Astronaut Hoodie” – The Cosmic Nomad, EDM’s latest and fastest growing apparel company, is back again with a new clothing line! This time, they bring their vision of bringing great quality products to the EDM soundscapes with a new exclusive On Cue Possessed Astronaut Hoodie.


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Seeking to create a new standard in the EDM community, The Cosmic Nomad wants to continue bringing artists and the rest of the community under one roof to share adventure and excitement. To continue striving to this standard, they’ve revealed the Possessed Astronaut Hoodie.

This is one hoodie of a massively tasty collection of hoodies. However, this one brings new uniqueness to the table. From On Cue Apparel, it’s not only awesome artwork, but something more. Every Hoodie by On Cue and The Cosmic Nomad is handmade to order with the genuine care and quality control, ensuring vibrant art and some of the highest quality material and stitching.



As the festival season moves through fall, this is the best place to find the sleakest, coolest and classiest lit-wear around. With the Possessed Astronaut Hoodie, amongst the collection, you’ll never have to sacrifice comfy for style. Now you can get both, stay warm and enjoy the season!

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