Point Blank Music School – Setting Up Home Studio – Point Blank Music School‘s Creative Director, JC Concato, guides DJs, producers and viewers alike through steps to setting up their own studio, right in their home! He effectively details everything in the room from computer specifications, choosing the right DAW and sound card, to explaining how to select and set up your midi keyboard and mic. Giving examples of both entry level and mid-range equipment, Concato goes into detail and explains what to look out for when making purchase decisions.

Point Blank Music School, founded in London, is an award-winning international electronic music school. With schools in London, Los Angeles, as well as a full-scale online program. Point Blank shares weekly free content as well, including personal classes from experts, plugin tutorials and much more. Their socials and website make up the heart of the company and the experience they bring to the dance community globally.



Once set up, Point Blank encourages their viewers to sign up to their YouTube channel to check out some more tutorials and start truly making music!


H/T: Point Blank Music School: How To Set Up Your Home Studio


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