Vigiland are one of the biggest names in dance music, having gone viral countless times with their party-pushing beats and catchy vocal melodies. The Swedish act continue to move with renewed strength and production quality, and their most recent track ‘Another Shot’ is no exception to the rule.

Check out our exclusive interview with the guys, where they filled us in on how they make music and what they have enjoyed most about this year.

Do you remember what first got you into making music? How do you feel your sound and influences have changed along the way?

We are from a really small town in Sweden and a lot of people were not in to “EDM”. Me (Claes) was more into hip hop and Otto had a more varied musical taste. However, we had a friend that introduced us into EDM/house music and you could probably say it was love at first sight… you know.

Yeah of course, I mean if you look at our age we were relatively young when we first started making music it sounded a way that was in correlation to our age. However, now that we are starting to get more experienced and better, we are more open to different styles. We would argue that our “sound” has changed in that we are trying to challenge ourselves. To be clear, that basically means that today our sound has gotten more mature in correlation to our age.

What would you say your style encompasses?

Well, we really try to make people have a good moment and feel good about themselves when listening to our music. We are constantly trying to include everything and we don’t try to specific our music, we have an approach that everybody is welcome to listen to our music.

You hail from the Sweden – which other fellow Swedish artists do you dig right now?

Oh my god, where should we start… We really love Avicii’s newest single ‘Without You’ and also ‘More Than You Know’ with Axwell & Ingrosso.

What did you particularly enjoy about making “Another Shot”? What is the connection behind the ESL remix? 

As mentioned before, as we started to get older and we are constantly trying to make our music grow. ‘Another Shot’ is something that where tried to focus on making a different type of drop, but at the same time keeping the essence of our music, which we successfully did (at least in our opinion).

Our connection with the ESL remix is that we both were gamers once upon a time. Our fantastic label gave us the opportunity and we couldn’t say no.



Which of your tunes gets requested the most when you’re DJing? 

Probably ‘Shots & Squats,’ but more lately ‘Friday Night’ is on the request list too.

Most memorable show or festival of 2017? 

Båstad in the summer, for sure. It was probably one of the craziest in our entire life.

Do you have any more remixes on the horizon right now? 

No, not at this moment, but they are on the way.

How has your summer been so far, and what else are you looking forward to in the coming months? 

We have just finished our summer tour and it has been just a crazy summer. We are just really looking forward to making more music and keep making people enjoying our music.


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