DMVU – ‘Gucci Banana‘ – With his kaleidoscopic audio adventures ‘Blubbles,’ ‘Tha Acid is 2 Loud‘ and ‘Construction Yaper,’ DMVU has firmly cemented himself as one of Circus Records‘ brightest and uniquely rising stars. Innovative, slick, powerful and constructed on a foundation of eccentricity that can’t be mistaken, DMVU‘s production and compositional skills are second to none.

Matthew Jones a.k.a. DMVU hails from Denver, Bass Music’s Modern Capital, meaning he is perfectly placed to be spearheading a bold and exciting new wave of electronic music. Being a hero of modern bass music is but one of the reasons DMVU has become one of Circus Records‘ most popular recent signings.



In the lead-up to his first Circus Records EP, the label is stoked to be giving away DMVU‘s latest single, ‘Gucci Banana,’ for free! Expect nothing less than insane sounds, an insane level of production, and a composition that’ll leave you thinking you’ve gone bananas – DMVU style.


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