Rave Accessories Burning Man Festival –  Burning Man is a festival like none other, it is truly out of this world. You will feel as if you just walked on to another planet. Burning Man is a cultural environment that moves people.

This festival cultivates a huge community of artists, builders and visionaries. You are safe to express yourself in every way possible. So why not do it through your clothing and accessories?

At Burning Man, you must consider the climate when selecting your outfits. Be prepared for extreme heat during the day that can quickly change to shivering cold desert nights.

Burning Man is a place to let your wild side shine and truly be you. If you have ever wanted to dress up in the most creative or even strange way, this is the time to do it.


1. Festival Blanket

This Attuned Blanket is great to have because it’s light weight and easy to fit in to a back pack. Burning man is a huge festival that spans across miles, you and your crew will need to sit down while wandering from place to place.

It’s easy to carry and perfect to wrap around yourself during a chilly night. It will also work during the day time to keep the sun off your back.

2. Holographic Disco Hydration Backpack

Hydration Backpacks are a major necessity while at Burning Man. It’s hot and the sun is blazing on you while you’re raging. Staying hydrated through out the weekend is so important.

This Hydration Backpack carries 2 liters of water and has a zipper pouch on the front so you can easily carry your phone and wallet in it.


3. LED Huboptic Face Mask

Burning Man is held in the Nevada desert, so this means dust and sand everywhere. This mask is perfect because it covers your nose and your mouth.

Not only is it the right protection, but this mask is also lined with LED lights so you’ll be styling through out the night time.


4. Esoteric Light Tank Top

This white Esoteric Light Tank Top is just right when walking around in the hot sun. Tank tops are crucial to staying cool during the daytime.

They’re airy and the fabric is light. Not to mention this tank just gives off the best of vibes.


5. Black Spike Kaleidoscope Goggles


Steampunk has become a huge trend in the festival world, especially Burning Man. There’s something about being in a desert that brings out the mad max-esque style in all of us.

Like I mentioned before sand is everywhere, so if the wind picks up chances are it will blow in to your face. These Black Spike Kaleidoscope Goggles are perfect for covering your eyes while on the playa.

6. Enlightened Crop Top

This Enlightened Crop Top is perfect for staying refreshed through out the day. Crop tops always  serve as breezy, comfortable pieces of clothing.

These colors give off warm, euphoric feelings so you can be sure you’re projecting positivity. This 360 degree design is definitely out of this world.


7. GloFX Diffraction Ski Goggles

Did I mention sand already? These GloFX Diffraction Ski Goggles give the utmost protection for your eyes.

Possibly the best benefit of these Ski Goggles is that they block out exterior light, sucking you into a mesmerizing light diffracting rainbow effect. Pull the strap tight and these goggles will stay put.


8. Symetricity Booty Shorts

These colorful, Symetricity Booty Shorts will keep you cool all day long. The vibrant blues and greens project calm, serene vibes. You can pair these booty shorts with just about anything. 


9. LED Space Whip

Festivals are a place to glow during the night. LED flow toys are perfect for this, especially space whips.

Space Whips are easily portable and can fit in to backpacks and bags comfortably. These fiber optic LEDs transform the night in to a galaxy of light.


10. Pineal Metatron Weekend Shorts

These Pineal Metatron Shorts are comfortable and breathable for the hot days ahead. These shorts are sublimation dyed which allows for vibrant, vivid colors and graphics to be displayed.


Prepare yourself for the playa with these accessories for the perfect Burning Man outfit!  Check out the rest of the specially curated iEDM Burning Man Collection HERE


Credits: Lauren Aura / iEDM.com