Ofenbach – ‘Katchi‘ – With ‘Katchi,’ Ofenbach once again prove their production prowess to an exemplary standard. The outcome is an electronic deep house record that bursts and sparkles with their unparalleled ability for crossover hits. Showered in rock influences and pounding drums their work does the impossible task of appealing to diehard fans of the genre, but still with a unique understanding of classical popular songwriting that was helped here by none other than GRAMMY Nominated Leon Bridges.

It’s a record that is set to only expand their ever-growing fan base. Now at a mammoth 5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Diamond and Gold Records aplenty in Russia, France, Belgium, Canada, Italy, Poland, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, Switzerland and tracks popping all over the airwaves in Europe, Ofenbach fanatics are ready and waiting for the next hit and just how far reaching their audience could be holds no bounds. With ‘Katchi,’ they have delivered just that.



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