It’s giveaway time! iEDM has partnered with EDM Joy to give you a chance to win GloFX Diffraction Goggles for your next rave.

Since the 80s rave wear has evolved from disco sparkle to neon madness, but one of our favorite trends are trippy diffraction lens glasses that enhance your experience.

Diffraction shades intensify laser production by breaking the light prizms into rainbow visions creating a psychedelic light show experience.

But those paper diffraction glasses go flying off your face when you headbang to the bass, so GloFX has revolutionized diffraction vision with a little steampunk and now we have the GloFX Diffraction Ski Goggles.



These amazing goggles will transform any lightshow into a mesmerizing rainbow. They have an adjustable strap so you can head bang and jump around to the heaviest dubstep.

You’ll be ready for those winter raves and look like you’re ready to hit the slopes.

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