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Interview: Reaching ‘Higher’ With jackLNDN

Ultra Music signing jackLNDN has been turning heads for the past few years with his technically sharp brand of house music, and continues to do so this summer. With a new sound out in the form of ‘Higher’ ft. Millie Go Lightly, we caught up with this undeniable talent to hear more about jack’s current projects.

What have you been up to most recently? What is your current focus as an artist? 

I’ve been finishing up a new EP for Ultra. The focus is more on vocals and building the music around real songs instead of just around beats. I have been busy stacking up remixes to release too, having been lucky enough to work with some great artists.

Where in the world are you based right now? Do you feel your surrounding affect your music?

I’m originally from London but currently I live just outside Boulder, Colorado. Being here gives me access to so much natural beauty, which is constantly inspiring in so many ways. I think all the hiking is making my music more cinematic, perhaps because I’m always trying to capture the feeling of standing on top of a mountain.  People also seem more laid-back here for some unknown reason… which is nice, you never feel too judged and you can be yourself, which only has a positive impact on the music you make.

You’re signed with Ultra – how has your journey been with them so far? 

Great! ‘All I See’ really blew up and got the ball rolling, and it’s great they like me singing on my own music. I feel lucky to get the chance to have a voice and say what I feel through my music

Tell us a little bit about “Higher” made with Millie Go Lightly… what vibe did you want to achieve with the single? 

I mean the mountain climbing metaphor is literally in the lyrics with this one, haha! Millie got in touch and sent the vocal over and I instantly fell in love with it. It definitely connected with me on a few levels, mostly because of the whole mountain thing but the meaning behind it all is really something I can relate to. I just wanted to take that amazing vocal and breathe some life into it and turn it into something worthy.

What kind of response does it get when you play it out? 

It gets people higher… lol. Truthfully though, it gets people going. It’s a lower tempo track so usually it’s one of the very first songs I play in my sets.

Are you keen to work with Millie again on another release? 

Of course – she’s super talented.

What does the rest of your summer involve? 

I’m headed off to play in Seoul, Korea next week! Super stoked, never been out there before, and it kinda blows my mind that music is taking me that far away from home. Then I’m headed to Iceland, then back in the US for some shows then out to London for more shenanigans.

When can we expect some more music from you?

Musically, I have a few summer bangers I’m unleashing. Both remixes and originals. I’ve been keeping my head down and brewing this new wave of music, taking my time and really shaping my sound, and then indulging in it. I’m hoping people love the results.



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