Nest HQ – Shred Collective – Posted up in front of a somehoodlum designed digital living room, beer in hand, Getter opened up to Nest HQ about what his newest endeavor Shred Collective is all about. “A group of buds, a group of pals that love to make shit” is his initial description, while he later roasts each member of the collective, while simultaneously describing how they contribute to the group.

Made up of artists Getter, Spock, Terror Reid, Half Empty, Sneek, Evan Breen, somehoodlum, Rob Israel, Gary Paintin’, their management team Steven, Klint, Christina and media mogul Ed, Shred Collective plans to throw parties where fans just get to chill with the artists, drop exclusive merchandise and release tons of music from up-and-coming talent.



Watch the video to get the low-down on Shred Collective as told by a really high Getter. Video editing by Jon Cruz.


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