Two Friends – ‘Out of Love‘ Official Music Video – Since releasing their exhilarating and emotional single ‘Out of Love,’ Two Friends are now back with their official music video for the Cosmos & Creature featured song. This is already looking to be a great year for this duo and the video does a good job of presenting their ability to not only create good productions, but develop a good story along with their work.


See what they had to say and check out the official music video below!

Out of Love‘ is one of our favorite songs we’ve ever made and our goal for the music video was to capture the message of the song in a unique way. We started the concept on skype with our friend Justin Pagano, who directed the video. After deciding to portray ‘love’ as a liquid that people carry around with them all the time, we went from there to tell a familiar story in a new and fun light. It was a pleasure working with Brandyn and Molly of Cosmos & Creature in it despite the 4am wakeup call haha, and it’s always a bonus having roles in the video ourselves. Super stoked it’s finally done and out- hope everyone enjoys!



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