Peking Duk – ‘Stranger‘ Remix Package Part 2 –  Late last year, Peking Duk released their cinematic, soaring, strong and powerful anthem titled ‘Stranger,’ that featured Elliphant. Fast forward us to 2017 and it’s no surprise that it took the EDM industry by storm! The ever so popular track, ‘Stranger‘ effortlessly carries the listener to new heights, as we saw in the single’s trippy video and heard in it’s immense sounds and vibes.

Peking Duk released part one of their remix package that featured three of the seven artists earlier this year. Now, four new DJs and producers host the second part of the remix package with of course some more massive takes on the track.



The first runner up is Wax Motif with his future house infused mix, while Faux Tales works some chilled out bass and uplifting instrumental riffs into his rendition, Jackal‘s version is slightly whimsical and dreamy for easy listening and Benson gives us a darker, tastier bassy take.

Each version of ‘Stranger‘ has its own distinctive sound, so you’re bound to be drawn to at least one of these fresh new takes on the hit track! Make sure you check out part 2 above and show some love for these great artists. Follow Peking Duk to keep up with what can only be another great journey for their 2017 and be sure to enjoy last months remix package here!


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