Die Antwoord – “Mount Ninji” – It has been less than a week since the notorious South African group, Die Antwoord, released  their latest album, Mount Ninja and Da Nice Time Kid, and it is still maintaining success. With popular albums such as Ten$ion and Donker Mag, featuring highly successful tracks ‘I Fink U Freaky,’ ‘Fatty Boom Boom,’ ‘Cookie Thumper‘ and ‘Pitbull Terrier,’ these guys have both founded their own genre, Zef, and given the world a style and sound to be reckoned with.




Insight Into The Minds of Die Antwoord and their Zef Family

sooooo much stuff happened while we was makin da MOUNT NINJI & DA NICE TIME KID album over da last 2 years… DJ murrafukn MUGGS joined Die Antwoord‘s ZEF familia and made us da most beautifullest darkest hardest beats we ever did hear… and GOD got mad influenced by MUGGZIE‘Z furiously raw work ethic and started pumping out da most nxt lvl shit he ever made in his hole fkkn life…




me and ¥ pushed ourselves hard 2 take our rhyming and singing to da nxt which iz a fun and easy fing 2 do wen u spitting over da dopest beat of all time wat i luv most about da MN+DNTK album iz how beautifully skitzofrenic it iz… how it flips stylez up so much… but stayz DA all the way and i love how lil ¥ – DA NICE TIME KID iz so vulnerable and soft on sum tracks… and also so maniac and fully released on others

i love how i shed the ninja ‘character’ i got possessed by a few years back and revealed MOUNT NINJI who was secretly being formed underneath… like a ugly zef caterpillar that transformed in2 a thousand petalled razor wing lotus butterfly on da mic… an extremely rare breed… not 2b fucked with…




course we hooked up with Ashley fuckin Wood of 3A who also joined the DA zef familia and turned us in2 da illest fukn toyziez ever made!!!

…PLUS we dropped our own weed line called ZEFZOL!

…plus, we all just gettin warm kidz… any1 4 banana pudding?





As producers, vocalists, and rappers, Die Antwoord and friends challenge the music scene by blending many genres ranging from hip-hop to EDM, while establishing not only unique sounds and fresh styles, but gaining fans all around the globe.


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