Bassnectar Bass Center 2016 Recap – Bassnectar‘s first festival was a resounding success. The sold out event filled the stadium at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colorado with nearly 50,000 members of Bassnectar‘s devoted fanbase over the course of the weekend. The event was a hallmark example of Bassnectar‘s community ethos with charity events, CPR certification classes, volunteer cleanup crews, and more random acts of kindness taking place throughout the weekend, all while showcasing stellar live performances and donating $50,000 to several charities through Bassnectar‘s Dollar Per Bass Head donation drive.


This community is one of a kind, and we are filled with inspiration to continue taking these events to the next level and beyond. – The Bassnectar Team


“The experience as a whole will last with me for a lifetime.” – HUFFINGTON POST


Bassnectar and the culture he encourages around his music is ushering in a new age of conscious revolution by bringing light to deeply intense and complicated subjects.” – DENVER WESTWORD


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Bassnectar Bass Center Recap


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