I recently sat down with the founder and CEO of Trap and Bass, Colton Gamby. Colton is one of the most important people in the underground world of the Trap. But how did this 22 year old from Pennsylvania get to be one of the most iconic “behind the scenes” people in the trap world?

Right out of high school the just graduated Colton Gamby went looking for work. He began by promoting local artists. Nothing too fancy just some “Hey check this out” or “My man DJ has some fresh tunes”. He then joined a friend and created Trap and Bass. At the time, it wasn’t huge. No gold records, just producers producing. Then, a few artists really ramped up the ratings. Afruxx, Etc!Etc!, and Luminox (just to name a few) released remixes and originals that really grabbed the internets attention.

On a personal level with Colton, he began to share a few upcoming things. Trap and Bass has a couple events in the southern states as well as a possible Trap and Bass Sample Pack coming up soon. He also shared that his true passion is computers. For years, even in his high school days, he loved and continues to love computers and technology. In the next few years Colton will transition to a more technological line of work and leave the C.E.O. position of Trap and Bass. What will this mean? Will Trap and Bass be no more?

There is no need to panic. Colton plans on staying involved with Trap and Bass. Trap and Bass is definitely here to stay. In fact, these changes will take years to complete and in no time soon will he leave. So for right now, all you Trap and Bass lovers and supporters can still sit back, relax, and chill out to that underground Trap we all know and love.

Special thanks to Trap and Bass and Colton Gamby for making this interview possible.

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