Welcome to this week’s review! This time, we are joined by Gydra, Jeto, Aether, Pensees, and Asiah. Join us as we go from insane Drum&Bass from Gydra, to melodic fun with Jeto, to a totally relaxing and immersive remix by Asiah.


Gydra – Nailsbucket

One of the best songs of this style I’ve ever heard. I found this in Allied’s mix for Methlab Agency (huge fan of both) and had to look up this song once I heard it in the mix.

Get ready for a thrill ride – Nailsbucket hits hard and has a fantastic groove you won’t want to end.



Jeto – Haiku

Stepping down from the intensity of Nailsbucket, we arrive at Jeto’s amazingly fun ‘Haiku’ – a Happy Hardcore song. I haven’t been listening to much music of this style in recent months, but I found Jeto a while ago and figured I’d give his page a look again to see what was new. This melodic joy ride is packed with fun and instantly became one of my favorite songs in this style.



Aether X Pensees – About You (Asiah Remix)

This is my first time hearing about any of these three artists, but what a way to find out about them. This song is absolutely fantastic. I have a weak spot for Future Garage, considering it is the epitome of what I personally think relaxing music should be.

This song takes that further, and takes a stand right up there among my favorite relaxing songs. You’re going to want to check this one out.


Thanks for joining us again! I hope you liked the music this week, and stay tuned for next week’s highlights! If you have anything you’d like me to hear and consider, send it off to me at [email protected]!  

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