Liquid drum and bass isn’t your typical mainstream EDM, but it very well should be up for discussion. The genre is known for it’s soothing, yet upbeat, melodies and contagious basslines. Names that are generally brought up whenever liquid dnb is the topic of discussion are Rameses B and Pendulum. But, have you heard of Voicians? If not, I highly suggest you stick around.

He’s a drum and bass producer hailing from Germany, and is as skilled as they come. At the opening of the track, you’re greeted with a soft piano and pads. Then, the vocals come in. The vocals in this track are very fitting, as they seem like they come from someone on a mission to accomplish many things. The track continues and around 1:00, the track is coming at you full speed. The hook is insanely captivating, as it has many different elements which one might find interesting. If the melody doesn’t do it for you, it could be the great drum work, the backing instrumentals, or even the vocal chops. All in all, this is a great production.

I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard much from this individual in the past, but after hearing this song, I found myself scouring YouTube looking for more from him. After listening to a couple songs, I realized that this song wasn’t just a lucky production which came to be, the guy’s legit. What I found interesting is that he not only made electronic music, but he also had a fair amount of music that bordered on rock, showing his versatility. In any way you look at it, Voicians is an artist that you would probably enjoy listening to, and I highly recommend you check out his music.

Listen to Survival League here.


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