Welcome to this week’s review, where we delve into three incredible Drum&Bass tracks.

I recently discovered Allied, and their music was so next-level and inspiring that I had to put two of their songs here this week. Also joining us in our Drum&Bass excursion is Grey Code with something very interesting and exciting.


Allied- Obscurity


I’ve been feeling like finding some Drum&Bass that more closely follows what I personally find to be “best”, and found Allied (among others) in that search. What I found was so inspiring (as a Drum&Bass producer myself) and impressive I found two of their songs that immediately deserved a spot on this week’s review.

Obscurity is an instant classic. It has that hard-to-describe vibe that I love D&B for, and isn’t harsh or hard to listen to like some other songs in the scene are.


Allied- Godspeed


The intro to this song drew me in instantly. Dark and mysterious for a bit, then a descent straight into exceptional percussion (seriously, this song’s drums are the best I have heard in any song) and extremely well done bass and everything else, Godspeed quickly worked its way into my favorites.

Seriously an incredible song. I can’t get enough.


Grey Code- Gone Clean


Seriously cool dark D&B that manages to be intense and relaxing at the same time, “Gone Clean” was a surprise when I found it. I don’t really know why, though- I guess by this point I should expect the underground scene of Drum&Bass to contain the best music. Regardless, this song is a fantastic addition to anyone’s collection and absolutely worth a listen.


You can download this song free from the Soundcloud page.


Thanks for joining us again, and I hope you found some new music to enjoy! As always, you can submit your own songs, or those you have found and enjoy, to [email protected].

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