As EDM continues to flood the mainstream, so do the thousands of bedroom producers that hope to find themselves on a festival main stage some day. Because of this massive influx of artists, we are exposed to so much music on a daily basis that nowadays, making good music isn’t enough to get your name out there. The music business is just that; a business, and it’s time to start looking for some serious promotion.

The OMG! Music Network is a platform designed for producers that are looking to get their music heard by a larger audience than they’re capable of reaching on their own. Artists can submit their music at where it will be reviewed and evaluated by their experienced team of professionals. If your track meets their criteria OMG! will repost it across their network for a small donation, and may even go as far as uploading it to their SoundCloud. What sets them apart from other networks is that their team also supplies feedback on the track that was submitted if it meets their quality standards.

On top of all the promotion, they also run a mastering service with skilled engineers and top of the line equipment. They provide you with your choice of 24 and 16 bit .WAV files or a 320 Kpbs .MP3.

OMG! is currently helping hundreds of artists expose their music to the masses and at a price that everyone can afford. If you’re serious about your music and need to start cutting through the noise, The OMG! Music Network should be your next internet destination.

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