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Artist Interview – Goodbye Gravity

This week I had an opportunity to chat with Goodbye Gravity, a seriously talented artist who tends to make things of a more relaxed nature. I asked a few questions and I think he had some pretty interesting and informative answers!


Bryan: Who has influenced you greatly in your productions?

Goodbye Gravity: I am very heavily influenced by Porter Robinson’s music, he has a huge sound which really inspires me to make music. The way he creates stories and emotion through the power of music is truly inspiring to me. After seeing the Worlds live show, I was even more inspired to create music with emotion as opposed to ‘bangers’ which I had been previously making under a different alias.


B: Favorite song you’ve done? Favorite memory while working on something?

GG: My favourite song is actually one which I am still working on, it’s a collab with a guy called 100day delay. The song starts off really ambient and melodic and then drops into a huge 90BPM chord heavy melodic greatness. My favourite memory writing a song is on my song ‘Skyline’ which I made with Woolookologie. He had sent me the most recent version of a project and he had changed a few chords, I just remember being blown away when I heard what he had done to the song.


B: What made you want to make music? Any particular reason for making the style you make instead of anything else?

GG: I originally started making bass music like Dubstep and house when I was 14, but I very quickly fell out of love with the genres as I got older. I found a love for melodic chill music and started experimenting around with the genres. I was very inspired by my friends in a collective that I’m part of called ‘Canvas Grey’ ( ), they keep me wanting to push myself with my music all the time. They are great people.


B: Anything special you do to get inspiration?

GG: I’m the worst when it comes to inspiration. I tend to get a huge writers block after I finish a song completely and then I just take about a week break until I hear something which inspires me again. (Not very inspiring I know).


B: Ultimate goals with music?

GG: My ultimate goals are to be able to be able to survive financially solely on music. Music is genuinely my passion and it would be amazing to do it as a full time job. Another goal of mine is just to have a dedicated fanbase who I can share my music with.


B: Do you play any instruments? If so, do you use any in your productions?

G: I play drums which unfortunately doesn’t play a huge role in my productions, however I do try and make my drums interesting in the songs that I write, whether it’s drum fills or just creating a good groove to go along with the song nicely. I also play a bit of piano which helps me write chords because of my basic music theory understanding.


Now, for the producers out there:


B: Aspect of production you find hardest? Easiest? Most fun? Most boring or tedious?

GG: I tend to find that starting a song is the hardest part. Once I have the basic building blocks of a song, everything just falls into place most of the time. Once there is a direction I know the track is going to take, I go with the flow and just let it happen. There isn’t a huge thought process which goes into creating a track after writing the first few ideas.


B: Favorite software/VST?

GG: My favourite VST would have to be Native Instruments Massive. I use it on every single song. It has a huge ability to create pads, leads, and huge bass sounds to really fill out the low end of my tracks.


B: Any advice you’d give to a beginning producer, or to any producer?

GG: Don’t force ideas, it’s a really bad habit to get into. Ideas will come to you eventually, and when they do you will have a good idea of a direction to take your track.


I hope fans found some interesting information on Goodbye Gravity here, and musicians could get a little advice!

Huge thanks to Goodbye Gravity for joining us- stay tuned for more artist interviews in the future!

You can find Goodbye Gravity here:

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