Welcome to the second installment of the weekly review! This week we’ve got Ikotu, Electromagnetic Blaze, and Darkbell.


Ikotu- I


From his appropriately titled “I II III IIII” EP, released in June of 2015, Ikotu brings us four (five, technically. You can find “V” on his Soundcloud page) beautiful songs, recorded onto a cassette tape. The vintage feel uniquely imbued onto the songs of this EP is just fantastic. I have been a big fan of Ikotu since the second I found his music.

You can buy the EP here



Electromagnetic Blaze- Depths


The duo from Norway presents to us their chilled-out Future Garage masterpiece. This song is nothing short of spectacular, and transports the listener to a whole different location with ease. Taking an uplifting approach, rather than a melancholy or dark turn, separates this song from the pack. If you like this kind of music, the other music you can find on Electromagnetic Blaze’s page is fantastic.

You can download this song for free from their Soundcloud page.


Darkbell- Sunny Spell


I’m not usually one for any genre with the word “Future” involved- yet some songs force themselves past that bias- such as “Depths” above, and this song, “Sunny Spell”. I was checking this song out to give it a chance, just like everything else that is sent to me- and while listening I found myself actively wanting to hear more and more. If that doesn’t tell me it’s a song I really like, I don’t know what does.

If you’re a fan of this style of music, or just very nice tunes in general, give this one a listen.

You can download this song for free on Darkbell’s Soundcloud page.


As always, if you have any music you would like to have featured, whether yours or not, send it on over to [email protected] and I’ll take a look!

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