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A Weekly Review- Edition 1

This is the first edition of a series of weekly articles, highlighting a few songs I quite enjoy. All songs I write about will be drawn from those I already know about and listen to, those I discover on my own, and those that are sent to me via submission.

I hope you enjoy, and discover some awesome music with me.


Auburn X- Void


Starting off with what reminds me of the awesome mission in Mass Effect 2 where the player recruits “Jack”, this song quickly slams the listener into the abyss of bass and a surgically mixed stereo field.

I love the “slow madness” approach with this song- 115 bpm with a more reserved percussive presence than most Neuro I’ve heard gives it an awesome feel. The sound design is exactly what it wants to be- heavy and dark.

Combine that with the overall excellence of every other element in this song, and you’ve got something you’ll surely want to add to your collection.

On that note- you can download this song for free right here:



Asthen- Mask


Maybe I just haven’t explored as much music as I think I have- but I have never heard anything quite like this. “Mask” is extremely unique and gives off quite an interesting feel, which is one of my favorite aspects of Drum & Bass as a whole- the feeling it creates. The atmosphere of (usually) something dark and mysterious.

That said, I wouldn’t say Asthen’s latest creation is %100 dark and mysterious, but I’m not convinced it was meant to be. There are certainly elements and themes within that indicate that a more chilled-out approach was intentionally intertwined.

It’s a fascinating song, and I’m glad it was sent to me. I’ll be listening to this for a while.

You can download this song here:



Skyline- Final Virtues


This song has been one of my favorite songs since it came out. It features Skyline’s classic fusion of Rock and electronic elements and perfects them in what I believe is his best song to date. Flowing melodies and constant, ear-pleasing action, combined with a fine-tuned production quality, make this song highly likable. 

I’ve been following Skyline for years, and always loved his music. “Final Virtues” takes up a space in my mental bookshelf of “favorite songs of all time”, and I’m happy to be able to feature this song here.

Skyline’s music is so enjoyable that I think we can all make an “EDM” exception and take a look at it.


You can download/buy this song here:



If you have some music you think would fit in on this weekly feature, send me an email at [email protected] and I will, at the least, take a look at it!

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