You’ve heard the music. You love the music. But have you ever thought about the process of how it’s actually made? It’s typically not done with just a computer and the software. Yes, the software is a big part of it and most software actually comes with a keyboard built into it that can be played from the computer screen. But the music you hear it typically done with a keyboard routed into the computer that is compatible with the software being used. Pro Tools, Reason, Ableton and Logic are among some of the biggest names of software being used to make EDM.


When your Musical Instrument Digital Interface (typically just referred to as MIDI) is hooked up to your computer and the software is open, you can play a multitude of different sounds just by selecting a certain style of sound from a menu. Once you’ve selected the style of sound that you want to use, you can start making chords and notes using your keyboard and start composing EDM.


Take a good look at the picture and it will give you a pretty good idea of all the equipment that goes into making your favorite music. It is not a simple process…it’s not just “computer music”. You really need to understand music and music theory in order to produce songs that really rock the crowd.

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