Next up on Rising Talent is Lutra, an experimental EDM artist from Austin, Texas. His new track, “Labyrinth” starts off with a high-pitched sine and and a few odd effects, setting a mysterious and forboding tone to the song. As it progresses, it mixes atypical synths with with natural and artificial sounds for the percussion side. “Labyrinth” is a song almost beyond description. It can certainly fit into the styles of trip hop, with it’s unusual beat patterns and 808’s incorporated into the track. Along with that, the lead is a dry pluck, which helps make the atmosphere feel large and unnerving. This isn’t a song for the typical EDM fan, as it is moreso an experiment with atmosphere and sound then it is a track to dance to. Besides that though, Lutra’s new track is certainly one that those with a more refined and off color taste in music would certainly more than enjoy.

You can listen to Lutra’s “Labyrinth” below, or click here to go to his SoundCloud.


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