Niterunner – ‘Impatient‘ – After last years’ successful Anonymous EP, DJ and producer trio group Niterunner have returned yet again with their new sensational and gleamingly calm single ‘Impatient.’

A trio group made of brothers and sisters based in the Brisbane/Byron Bay area, Niterunner have been in the scene for over five years now. Setting out on their journey in 2014, these guys have sought out to create a fresh sound that not only presents a laid back coastal vibe, but also reflects the life and energy that surrounded them as they grew up in Northern NSW.



After releasing ‘Out of Your Hands,’ their live set included the addition of Cale on the drums and vocals, with Niterunner evolving into the trio they are today. Drawing inspiration from artists like M83, Lastlings, Kllo, Vallis Alps, Yuma X, LANY, Electric Youth and Phoenix, they always manage to create nostalgic dreamy soundscapes with soulful electronic vocals and an 80’s inspired sound.

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