Andrew Rayel – ‘Heavy Love‘ – The moment is right for Andrew Rayel and Max Vangeli to shine. The new single from Andrew Rayel & Max Vangeli featuring Kye Sones, ‘Heavy Love‘ (Armind), is out now.

A cut from Rayel‘s critically acclaimed sophomoric studio album MOMENTS, ‘Heavy Love‘ proves as addictive on the radio as it is effective on the dancefloor. Kye Sones‘ attention-grabbing vocals burst in at the intro as he exercises an addictive topline. For pop music lovers not yet familiar with the festival-dominating sounds of Rayel and Vangeli, ‘Heavy Love‘ is that song to make music-lovers fall head-over-heels. The lyrics are simple yet powerful. The music, uplifting and inspirational. Regal horns add dynamic force to the song. ‘Heavy Love‘ is a celebration of life, unity and perseverance.



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