Faul & Wad – ‘I Need You‘ – French supremos Faul & Wad are back with a wonderfully uplifting new slice of melodic house music, designed to inspire those special moments we can all share with the ones we love. Music has the power to unite, to inspire love, laughter and joy, the new single ‘I Need You‘ is one of those heartwarming cuts that taps into the universal power of music and will provide countless listeners with lifelong memories.

Produced with talented folk musician Avalanche City, from New Zealand, this hot new release is the second piece of original material from Faul & Wad. It follows on from their debut track ‘Changes,’ recorded with Australian pop group PNAU back in 2013, a huge hit which has picked up over 50million views on YouTube.



Faul & Wad will cement their growing reputation as purveyors of unforgettable tunes that have a positive outlook and tons of dance floor appeal. From the glorious strings to the euphoric keys, and the unashamedly optimistic atmosphere, everything about ‘I Need You‘ screams happiness, and why not?

This is smile-inducing music from a formidable duo who understand the power of music and its ability to lift people. Look at any dance floor around the world and you will see all different people dancing side by side, united by the music and the good feeling it gives them.

Faul & Wad are set for another big hit with this new track, and their intention is pure unadulterated pleasure. Join them!


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