Alok – ‘Never Let Me Go‘ – Hot from the success of one of the biggest tracks to date on Spinnin’ Records, ‘Hear Me Now,’ the hit making trio of Alok, Bruno Martini and Zeeba have joined forces once again for their surefire single, ‘Never Let Me Go.’

Easing listeners into the track with rich guitar chords, paired with Zeeba‘s instantly recognizable vocals, ‘Never Let Me Go‘ has all the hallmarks of a summer dance anthem. Emanating a feel-good energy throughout the track’s 3-minute duration, Alok, Bruno Martini and Zeeba‘s catchy hook will have listeners whistling along for many months to come. Road-tested in his recent shows, from crowd reactions it is clear ‘Never Let Me Go‘ is destined to become a new fan favorite.



2017 has served as the Brasilian superstar’s biggest year to date, having already toured North America, Europe, Asia, and Brasil extensively; Alok has broadened his reach on a truly global scale. ‘Hear Me Now‘ saw the release in October of 2016, and now commands over 175,000,000 plays on Spotify and 85,000,000 on YouTube, proving to be one of the most successful Brasilian dance-pop releases ever.

Heading out on tour across North America and Europe through August, fans can expect massive performances from the young Brasilian talent worldwide, and can follow him on his socials as linked below!


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