Dabin – Two Hearts After touring relentlessly across North America with label mates Black Tiger Sex Machine for the past three months, Dabin has now finally unveiled and unleashed his highly anticipated Two Hearts LP onto Kannibalen Records. Amongst so much variety and diversity in the EDM soundscapes, this album has proven to be quite the masterpiece.

Representing Dabin‘s versatility as a DJ and producer, Two Hearts takes fans across an eclectic and explorative journey, with 11 different aesthetically pleasing and powerful creations that flirts with a range of musical genres and styles that captivate listeners every step of the way.

Kicking off with the stunning title track ‘Two Hearts,’ Dabin treats listeners to a soul-soothing cut, which glides along on gentle instrumentals and a silky female vocal piece. Later, he switches things up with ‘Sanctuary,’ adjusting the tempo and pace of the LP, filling our ears and soul with ethereal synths and high energy.



Pressing on, listeners are welcomed with Apashe & Madi‘s collaborative song ‘Lilith,’ which captures our attention with industrial synths, dark undertones and futuristic vibes. Eventually closing the LP with his majestic song ‘You & I‘ featuring Jenna Pemkowski, Dabin’s innate ability to create masterpieces from all over the dance music spectrum shines through with spectacular ease.

Hailing from Toronto, this 24-year old producer has been making a name for himself with every massive and well-received release. Garnering over 30 million stream across his productions in the past three years, Dabin has definitely become renowned for his unique and captivating producing and mind blowing live performances. Combining his talents on electric guitar, drums, controllers and keyboards, he has certainly found a place in the EDM soundscapes with his signature sound and style.


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