Eelke Kleijn – ‘Home‘ – Immersing himself in the electronic scene for over a decade, Eelke Kleijn has been a consistent act that continues to go strong. Now, the Dutch DJ and producer has started his own label titled Days Like Nights with the Amsterdam-based record, Armada Music by releasing new first single, ‘Home.’

As Eelke Kelijn‘s latest and finest composition to date, the first Days Like Nights label release has already been picked up by EDM giant Pete Tong and his radio show, BBC Radio 1. ‘Home‘ is not only built on stellar percussion, but it also balances some delicate harmonies with mesmerizing vocals, taking its listeners in a journey so sensational it’s bound to leave them speechless.



In a ten year strong musical career, Eelke Kleijn has certainly proven himself to be one of the most diverse and never-backing down artists in the eclectic EDM scene. Not only did the Rotterdam-based DJ and producer release two albums back to back with a variety of originals and remixes, but he has also synced sounds to cinematic smashes Parker, Wrath of the Titans, This Means War and Ron Howard’s Rush.

Eelke Kleijn has indulged the finest venues and festivals in the world with his addictive signature sound, from Asia and South America to Australia and his home country. Make sure you check out the new track above and wait to see what this new label has in store for 2017’s EDM journey.


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