Mija – FK A GENRE Mixtape – Mija has shared a new FK A GENRE mixtape with musical selections from all thirty plus participants of her upcoming fall tour, ranging from Chromeo to Boogie to Kill The Noise. Beginning as a pure DJ set, the FK A GENRE name was first used as a reoccurring mix series inspired by Mija‘s own personal & eclectic taste. It was only over the past year that the FK A GENRE name was adapted to create curated live events at clubs and festival stages, where fans and artists alike are encouraged to play & hear new sounds.


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Starting Oct 20th in Miami, the FK A GENRE tour continues until November 26th. Journeying across 12 different cities, each with their own unique and curated lineup, Mija and friends are destined to give powerful and unforgettable performances. For more information about the tour, be sure to check out Billboard and Rolling Stone.


FK A GENRE isn’t a derogatory statement in regards to genres, but more so an acceptance and unity in music.



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