With fantastic track artwork and intense house vibes, artist 5ALVO continues to break through the electronic dance music industry. His latest track, ‘Rise Up,’ has been out for a little more than a couple weeks and it has already gained support from a variety of EDM outlets and fans all around the globe.

Kentucky producer and DJ, 5ALVO, has only been releasing music on Soundcloud for a little less than a year and has primarily been focusing on house genres. His first release, ‘Approach,’ gained over 20,000 plays and was provided with bumping future house vibes with bass that made listeners want to get up and bounce. 5ALVO has received support from EDM outlets such as Deep Art, Chilled Out Tracks, Tracks For Days, and support from artist, Owen Royal.

While 5ALVO has primarily focused on house genres such as progressive house, electro house, and future house, he says on Soundcloud, “I’m not restricted to a genre. I make what sounds good.” As this artist is still fairly new, we can certainly see a prospective future for this rising artist. His latest track, ‘Rise Up,’ is driven with electro house bass and progressive house dance vibes. Reminiscent of raves and techno, this original piece thrives in all the right ways.

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