No Copyright Sound as a Collective and Label is no stranger to beautifully constructed melodic tracks and they certainly continue to set the bar with California native Killabyte’s latest release “Our Story.” It starts off with a soft rainstorm brewing in the background to set the stage. Then, a subtle lead is brought in to introduce the feel of the track. As the song builds with orchestral aspects added, It finally drops with a beautiful mixture of orchestral synths, arcade riffs, and trap-inspired hats to season the overall melody. The track really breaks away from today’s “In-your-face” trend and makes listeners remember when dubstep and electronic music as a whole appreciated melodies just as much as heavy bass drops. Though the piece may not be fit for the dance floor, it has enough intricacies to hold one’s attention and yet not too aggressive that it would not work for studying or a good addition to a chill-out playlist. The track as a whole seems to fit well within NCS’s arsenal of Melodic tracks.

Though the track itself is a nice track, it does not show any progressions or steps forward in Killabyte’s style as a whole. This track is fairly similar to his last track “For You” recently released as a free download. However, “Our Story” will serve as another useful stepping stone in young artist Killabyte’s career, who grew up in a small town with no real nightlife or local promoters. Yet another signing with NCS will really boost his reach within the EDM community.


Check out Killabyte’s track below:


Killaybyte also recently released an interview on his YouTube channel. Check that out here:


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