Everyone has all been left alone with nothing but their thoughts before during times when they would rather not be. Anxire’s “Lonely War” does a tremendous job setting the somber and tense mood of being alone with your dark thoughts, fighting against yourself in a fevered battle of epic proportions. Seriously, this track is a huge moody banger that sets out to be an introspective ride through one’s own mind. The haunting intro just piles on the tension and really sets the stage for the dark, beautiful, and epic story that this track is.

The drops are huge and heavy practically sweeping those listening on to their feet to move to the beat of the war drums, which are suddenly cut off by a lovely combination of swirling electronic and organic instruments tied together by the tight snap of the beat. The strings and vocal chops of the breakdown play a longing melody that seems to reach out and lay a gentle hand on the face of listener as if it wants to embrace them, but knows it doesn’t have enough time. Which it does not, as the listener is pulled away by the buildup and thrust back into the fray. The second drop switches it up hard before driving back into the familiar territory of the first drop as if to say that we have turned the tide of the battle.

Once again the drop ends abruptly and those listening are met with a solo string playing a somber tune, almost welcoming them back with a dry smile into the chorus from before. And it is with this chorus that listeners are lead to the ending of the song that definitely carries the weight of finality into the last seconds of the “Lonely War”.

It is quite a ride that really shows off Anxire’s ability in sound design and composition, as well as storytelling via music. Follow the links below to listen to and download the monster tune or any of his other works.


“Lonely War” – https://soundcloud.com/anxire/lonely-war

Anxire on Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/anxire


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