In Frij’s track Return, borders between genres are torn down and replaced with creativity that will surely keep the listener engaged. This is no mundane club track or dubstep banger where you know exactly where it’s going after 55 seconds. Oh no, even I’m still trying to figure out how to categorize it. He has the song labeled as “funk,” but it seems to be a mix of that, glitch hop, future bass, and chillstep.

At any rate, I cannot express to you the talent and potential that I see in so many underground artists like Frij. The mix is incredibly clean, the complexity and variety in the percussion used is impressive, and the sound design works perfectly with the feel of the track. I love the snare that he used; it helps the track have more of glitch hop feel, and works great with the track. If I had to choose one word that best represents this track, it would have to be immaculate.

It starts out with some groovy future bass-esque chords and a groovy synth melody. Then a catchy slap bass riff takes off for the remainder of the intro. Then the track dies down in preparation for the build up, which emerges suddenly but still somehow smoothly with growing chords. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect after the build up, as it honestly seemed a bit underwhelming, but then BAM! An explosion of sound. The chords are full and the melody had a nice funky future bass kind of feel. Simply beautiful.

Everything about this track flows beautifully. I would absolutely recommend checking it out. While writing this article, I’ve been listening to the track on repeat, and I’m still not tired of it. Also, considering Frij is still quite the underground artist, I would compel everyone reading this to download the track and give him a follow. He certainly deserves the support and attention. I’m looking forward to his future releases!


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