Next up on ‘Rising Talent’ is Jordan Schor with his new track ‘Solace And Torment’. Featuring vocals from Saren, this extremely powerful electro house track makes it to EDMJoy’s rising talent page. The six minute long mix has reached 15k plays and 1k likes within the first month of being uploaded, the success is real.

Starting up a few years ago the Canada based producer Jordan Schor has proved to the EDM world time after time that he deserves all the attention he gets. His skills has been improved from each track, and Jordan Schor has been experimenting with different genres. Styles such as trace, progressive house and complextro is a few of the EDM based genres he has put his creativity on. And he will probably keep on doing that for the time that follows. Give this canadian producer a follow, you won’t regret it.

You can listen to ‘Solace And Torment’ below, or by clicking this link. 



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