Wednesday came with a pretty big announcement from our favorite Sample Library/Collaboration tool Splice with their new drum sequencing online beat maker. What sets this online beat maker apart from others that are available on the web is it allows you to create drum patterns using Splice Sound’s vast collection of over 850,000 samples to just have fun and create new ideas outside of your DAW of choice.

And best of all if you’re not a music producer and you don’t have a DAW of choice the owner of Splice, Steve Martocci talked about this revolutionary product by saying its geared for “people of all skill levels” meaning you don’t have a be a professional music producer to get your hands on this fun little site for making beats. he also added, “Education is a massive challenge in making music, we’re exploring how samples and loops can onboard people into their musical journey. It’s a big long term goal,”

Along with the announcement of this site for beat making they also announced a contest to go along with this new product. If you visit the site and create a beat that you’re satisfied with and share your beat with #BeatMaker you could be entered for a chance to win 1 year of FREE Splice Sounds subscription as well as a FREE FabFilter plugin ($150 value).

Click this link to begin creating your own beat:

So on that note, go have fun making some awesome beats. I know what I’ll be doing for the rest of the day.


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