A Costa Rica-based DJ and Producer, Mark Melgo is next up on Rising Talent, with his remix of “Shades Of Grey.” With both chill and complextro vibes, along with constant time changes, this is certainly one unique remix track. Maintaining the vibe from the original mix, Mark Melgo’s remix is also very inspired by future and future bass genres, with long sweeping chords, soft, happy arps, and preserving the ethereal voice of Delaney Jane’s vocals with added delay effects. Along with that, the remix roots itself in complextro sounds, with a very glitchy and powerful drop, yet complimented by the still chill vibe the lead emanates.

Mark Melgo’s remix of “Shades Of Grey” is a fantastic mix of future and complextro vibes, one certain to make you want to both dance and relax to. You can listen to his remix below, or click here to go to Mark Melgo’s SoundCloud.



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