A new release by the rising talent of the DJ duo Maxx & Trevor, their remix of “Raveheart” takes a more big room approach to the song, with far different vibes from the original. The original track was much more a progressive house and festival track, while the Maxx & Trevor remix is moreso a dry, big room and trap hybrid. The song building up takes a more traditional vibe of house, which a dry and spacey lead, building into the first drop, a typical big room drop. What does make this song different though, is it’s second drop. You’d expect the song to essentially rinse and repeat, but it throws a curveball where the second drop is more trap-inspired and bassy, leaving something to be truly enjoyed about the remix

Although this song is at it’s roots generic big room, it’s second drop truly changes things up and makes the song far more enjoyable, along with the enjoyability of a typical big room track. I would recommend giving this song a good listen, which is why you’ll see it on rising talent. You can either listen to their remix below, or click here to their SoundCloud.



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